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    Ramón Alcarazo Peñ
    Pedro José Ramírez CrespoDirector of Administration/Sales
    María Teresa Galván SantaellaPurchasing/
    Antonio Fernandez-Pacheco
    José Julian Urda GomezAccounting/
    Marina JimenezAccounting-Classification
    Maria Luisa Jimenez BorregueroLogistics – Bulk
    Jose Luis Lopez de
    Cristina AguileraSwitchboard/
    Elena Enrique HuertasLogistics – Invoicing
    Mila KouzminaExport Manager Eastern Europe
    Martijn BoerExport Manager Central Europe and Latin
    Victoria CastellanoExport Manater Central Europe and North
    Alberto GonzalezNational Sales
    Juan Carlos Garcia-PozueloCommercial Delegate Castilla La
    Manuel Sanchez RomeroCiudad Real Salesman &
    María Ángeles Caba PatónWine
    Manuel Ramírez FuentesQuality and Bottling
    Dawn OrangeQuality
    Louis Miguel Cabbawarehouse
    Jose Agustin Alises JimenezBottling line
    Jorge Martínez BruyelTechnical
    Antonio Pérez CarrascosaBottled Winemaker and
    Anthony RonceroWinery
    Esteban GomezWarehouse manager (Jaraiz)
    Mario SanchezIndustrial Engineer – Machinery
    Agustin Criado
    Juan Manuel Jimenez CastroAgricultural Technical
    Luis Gonzalez DonosoPartners Technical
    Jesus AlcarazoDepartment of Agricultural Services – Gas
    Alejandro Muñoz
    David Morales
    Jose Antonio
    Alvaro Maeso
    Juan Carlos GutierrezSupplies
    Ramón Alcarazo Peñuelas
    Jorge Martínez Bruyel
    Technical director
    Manuel Ramírez Fuentes
    Quality Manager
    Juan Manuel Jimenez Castro
    Agricultural Technical Director
    Pedro Ramirez Crespo
    Dept. Agricultural Products and Services
    Antonio Fernandez-Pacheco Avecilla
    María Teresa Galván Santaella
    Jesus Alcarazo
    Our Team
    Santiago López-Gascó
    Export Europe
    Mila Koudmila
    Export Russia
    Laura Delgado Alcolea placeholder image
    Export Manager
    Maria Garcia Aranda
    Export Manager
    Juan Carlos Garcia-Pozuelo
    Castilla-La Mancha Sales Manager
    Maria Teresa Garcia Borja
    National Sales
    Maria Luisa Jimenez Borreguero
    Logistics – Bulk Billing
    Jose Luis Lopez de Pablo
    Quality Department
    Agustin Criado Jimenez
    Antonio Pérez Carrascosa
    Elena Enrique Huertas
    Mario Sanchez
    Industrial Engineer-Machinery


    At Bodegas Yuntero we consider essential the development of a Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management System, based on the Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and in the BRC and IFS Food Safety Protocols, in order to certify the safe production of our wines, complying with the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable in our wine production, aging, bottling and marketing activities, and with those established by the client, and other requirements that the organization subscribes, related to its environmental aspects and occupational health and safety hazards.

    The Winery supports all staff in the maintenance and continuous improvement of the system, considering each worker as the protagonist of the most important phase of the service of a company of recognized Quality, also promoting responsibility towards the environment.

    Bodegas Yuntero, through its Integrated Management System, allows patents, its concern and permanent commitment to Quality and the Environment and to achieve a guarantee for the future of our planet that only competitive, sustainable organizations at the forefront of the market can offer.

    Our work is based on the following fundamental pillars:

    • Elaborate top quality products and that they meet the expectations of the interested parties, that they are innocuous, legal and authentic, adjusting to the specified quality, as well as assuming their responsibility towards their clients. This is achieved by defining a clear plan to drive the development and continuous improvement of a culture of quality and food safety.
    • Respect, before their employees, equal opportunityand treatment, their privacy, their freedom from opinion, to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment, the necessary training, employment stability, fair remuneration, as well as avoiding forms of psychological persecution.
    • Offer our customers a Quality service, within the agreed period, maintain due confidentiality and respect for the privacy of thier data, adopt an attitude of honesty and have procedures for handling suggestions and claims
    • Promote in all employees a greater degree of solidarity, responsibility, social participation and the culture of quality and food safety.
    • Manage effectively and efficiently, by making its business activity compatible with the exercise of its social responsibility.
    • Correct and precise definition of the procedures, responsibilities and functions to follow in all departments.
    • Compliance with all the legal requirements and applicable regulations, and other requirements that the organization subscribes.
    • Promotion of qualitu, environmental and food safety, at all comany levels, providing adequate training for all the staff.
    • Prevention, control and minimization of the environmental effects generated in the environment, originated from our activity.
    • Promotion of the implementation of segregation programs at the origin of waste, to favor its subsequent reuse and/or proper disposal.
    • Arrange the delivery of our products in a way that causes the lowest possible environmental impact , always making sure that the products reach our customers in suitable packaging that complies with the applicable environmental regulations.
    • It considers environmental criteria a priority in decision-making, and studying at all times the best environmental technology available, thus modernizing our processes to increase their effectiveness in a reasonable period of time and where necessary.

    In Manzanares, on January 04th, 2021

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